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Ontario Municipal Board

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Report on OMB Activity at the lake as of Summer 2013

  • There has been a zoning appeal made to the Ontario Municipal Board by a Horseshoe Lake homeowner wishing to sever a property that in and of itself has less frontage than is now allowed in the Seguin Township Plan. The property, which is on the west side of the lake between the Marine and Terra Woods, currently has two buildings on it and the argument being made is that past Foley Township by-laws make the splitting of such a small property legal. SeguinTownshipdisagrees and so do we!
  • During the last two years of wrangling, there have now been 19 days of formal hearings and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on both sides. At this point the last evidence has been presented and the lawyers on both sides are preparing written final arguments due by June 30th for the OMB to consider.
  • Summer 2013: The OMB ruled against the appeal but the homeowner has appealed that decision
  • Fall of 2013: This September, the OMB will rule if an appeal is possible
  • Please note OMB has change it’s name and website to ELTO (Environment and Land Tribunals Ontario) – for more information visit the ELTO Site.

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