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Our Vision

The Vision of The Horseshoe Lake Association

The driving force of the vision of our lakes is to give our children and their children a natural environment and social ambience that is as good shape or better than now exists. 

The foundation of this vision will be a Lake Stewardship Plan to be shared by all constituents:

  • full and part time residents,
  • visitors,
  • commercial establishments,
  • Association members and non-members.   

Monitoring and communication will be driven by the HLA.  This enables the necessary education, best practices implementation and liaison with responsible government bodies related to regulatory frameworks.

The focus of the Lake Plan will be driven by the priorities of constituents as determined by a full and free assimilation of the will of the people. The Plan will document initiatives based on the priorities and issues discovered through open communication and surveys.

The Plan will also support those initiatives by the governing bodies in the interest of the constituents and be a voice of change where there are requirements of government to achieve our goals of stewardship.

The Plan will document the objectives for the future shared by constituents.  Our Vision for Horseshoe and Virtue Lakes is:

A place where water quality, wildlife habitat, natural beauty, recreational opportunity, peace and tranquility are maintained and preserved for present and future generations to enjoy.

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